Is Your Immune System Weak Due To A Lack Of This Vitamin?

5 Things You Should Know About Vitamin D And How It Can Help You Now.

1. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to lower immune and lung function and makes people more susceptible to illness.

2. Vitamin D is both a “nutrient that we eat and a hormone that our body makes” and is especially important for immune system health as it enhances the function of immune cells.

3. Laboratory studies show that “vitamin D can reduce cancer cell growth, help control infections and reduce inflammation.”

4. In one recent study of patients hospitalized with COVID-19, “Those who had sufficient levels of vitamin D had decreased risk for adverse outcomes in death”

5. In another study that evaluated 19,000 people, those individuals with “lower levels of vitamin D were more likely to suffer from an upper respiratory tract infection than those with sufficient levels.”

With all that we are experiencing as a nation right now it’s more important than ever we are doing everything we can to keep our immune systems strong!

Chiropractors are trained in the importance and relevance of vitamins and lifestyle changes to one’s Health.
Be sure to talk to us about the best ways to get Vitamin D and how much is right for you and your family to strengthen your immune system so that you can stay healthy.


Vitamin D

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