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If you are ready to move past average, it is time to move from pain and to the brain!


For 17 years, Dr. Clint was so ingrained in the pain model of chiropractic that he could not figure a way out. It was the only thing that paid the bills and moving away from that model was scary. We hear this from docs all the time- Docs regularly ask us and themselves: Does brain based chiropractic actually work? Will people actually pay for care from me that is more than just pain relief? Can I make a good living focusing on the brain and nervous system?

Can I build a practice focusing on the brain and nervous system? All valid questions and questions you should ask! The answer to all of these questions is YES! With that being said, we understand that just saying yes may not mean a whole lot. Below please find proof that what we are saying is actually true.

patient and doctor testimonials

Doctor Testimonials

Dr. Ryan Weisgerber

Windsor, CO

I have tried many of the TRUCHIRO programs including the 7 step coaching program and the retention program with AMAZING results! Before these programs I had a total pain based clinic with a PVA of 10-12. Less than a year later my PVA is over 40 and continues to grow every week. If you want a fast quick and effective way to take a pain based office to a high PVA/wellness based practice without breaking the bank use the programs."

Dr. Elra Morgan

TRUCHIRO Automated Patient Retention System

While society was scared and uncertain when covid hit, many leaders in the Chiropractic space were frozen and they didn't know what to do. One person stepped up, Dr. Clint Stocle. He went to work to help as many chiropractors as possible. Dr. Steele made it possible for doctors to directly communicate with & grow their patient base during this world pandemic. Ho provided this service at no charge. NO Charge! Several practices would have died on the vine had these resources not been made available. His patient retention and telemedicine programs were critical in preventing a massive drop off in my clinic. I appreciate him and all things that he's done for the profession.

Dr. Kimberly Griggs

TRUCHIRO Truth Of Chiropractic Automated Patient Retention System

Not only is this service TRUCHIRO provides great, my patients love it, but I really feel like Dr. Clint & Tina about the chiropractors they are helping and to me that's huge!

Dr. Susan Cosgrove

TRUCHIRO Automated Patient Retention System

I am only in my 2nd week of the TRUCHIRO Truth Of Chiropractic Automated Patient Retention program and I have already had 6 re activations. LOVE IT!

Dr. Brett Lukas Costa MESA, CA

TRUCHIRO TRUTH of Chiropractic Automated Patient Retention System

I really love everything you guys put out, and i've gotten amazing feedback on the retention program...this is awesome. huge thank you to you and tina and big thanks to colt too. class act.

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Patient Testimonials

Kayln Leblanc

No More Crohn’s Disease

21 year-old Kayln was referred to Dr. Steele by her mom who cared enough about her to find out if Brain Based Chiropractic could help her.

Kayln had been recently diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and she was experiencing ulcers throughout her intestines. She had been given medications and told she would need to be on them for life and that her condition would worsen over time. She was told she would eventually need surgery and parts of her intestines would need to be removed.

Kayln began Brain Based Chiropractic immediately. Eight weeks after beginning care she had a re evaluation with Dr. Steele. It was during this re-evaluation that she informed Dr. Steele she had just been reevaluated by her medical doctor as well and that her ulcers were gone and her Crohn’s disease was much improved and that her MD could not believe it and he had never seen anything like that improve and improve so quickly.

Since that time Kalyn has gone on to run a marathon and also now competes in physical fitness competitions.
The POWER of the body!


Missions Trip Saved

Several years ago Barbara was hit by an automobile, thrown into the air and thrown 30 feet. Since that time she has experienced severe back pain, leg pain and foot pain as well as regular occurring headaches.

This has been going on for years with no relief despite trying numerous treatment plans. The pain and symptoms were so bad that Barbara had planned on cancelling her missions trip to South America.

Since beginning Brain Based Chiropractic, Barbara began to notice relief almost immediately.

She first noticed that the severe pain in her back, legs and feet was not as severe after working her shift. She then began to notice her headaches we’re going away and now, only 6 weeks later she feels so good that she has decided to go on her missions trip all because neurologically based chiropractic removed interference allowing her body to heal.


No More Anxiety

Libby has been suffering from headaches, low back pain, hip pain, shoulders spasms, anxiety, fatigue, depression and gastric reflux for years.

Following her initial assessment Libby it was determined that Libby could make a number of changes to her lifestyle that would help her with these conditions.

She began Brain Based Chiropractic right away.

Libby has committed to the program and because of this commitment has seen remarkable results. Following just 6 weeks of care she has noticed marked improvement in the above areas.

All this by restoring her bodies ability to do what it is made to do…get well and stay well!!!

Helen Harvie

No More Sinusitis/ Bladder Infections

Helen entered our office with numerous health issues including sinusitis, hand pain and numbness, poor posture and frequent bladder infections.

Since starting and committing toBrain Based Chiropractic she has benefited greatly.

Today her had numbness is gone, no bladder infections, hand pain and sinusitis are much improved.

In addition, she has more energy and less fatigue and all since starting Brain Based Chiropractic.

Connie Troumbley

NO More Depression, IBS Gone, Improved Memory

Connie came in with the following health concerns, depression, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, memory loss, fatigue and more.

After three months of Brain Based Chiropractic Care her re-evaluation revealed, no more depression and fatigue, and much improvement in anxiety, memory loss and irritable bowel condition.

The body can do amazing things when you live a lifestyle that allows it to do what it needs to do.

Connie followed her plan consistently and her results proved it!


Healed High Blood Pressure, ACID Reflux Gone,Sleeping Better

Michael came into the office with low back pain, acid reflux (GERD), high blood pressure and trouble sleeping. He had been treated by his primary care physician with prescription drugs, which didn’t help him at all.

Since starting the Brain Based Chiropractic , he no longer has to take his sleeping medication and he no longer has acid reflux. And of course his lower back is functioning properly again without pain. Michael followed the program to the T, He continues to maintain his progress and overall health.

Michael said, “I really like Brain Based Chiropractic It has improved my health but also my family’s health. I would advise anyone to start the program. You will see the results without the drugs and their side effects. Mr. Michael is truly living healthy!

Shelby Campbell

No More Headaches AND Fatigue

Shelby was suffering from headaches, neck pain, fatigue and low energy.

After three months of Brain Based Chiropractic, Shelby reports significant improvements in all areas!

“Over my course of this program with Dr. Steele, I’ve arrived at new heights of wellness, my posture is much improved, my low back pain has decreased and my neck pain is almost completely gone. My energy levels are high and steady throughout the day, my general mood is much improved and I no longer get headaches! I’m grateful to enjoy such a high quality of life now! Thanks Dr. Steele and Brain Based Chiropractic!


No More Bladder Issues, Headaches Gone

Renee had been suffering for years from headaches, low back pain, numbness in her legs, neck and hip pain, as well as bladder issues. She had tried several treatment options but received little relief.

Following her assessment Renee decided to begin Brain Based Chiropractic

Her results have been remarkable! She has improvement with her headaches, low back pain, neck and hip pain as well as the numbness in her legs.

She’s even noted considerable improvement with her bladder condition!

Lori Camp

Fibromyalgia Healed

Lori came into the office because she was suffering with severe pain in her neck, shoulders, back and legs. She had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

On a scale of 1 to 10 that pain was a 10 when she first came into the office. She has been seeing a rheumatologist and was getting treated with anesthesia shots in her shoulders and low back every 4 months and also taking anti-inflammatories, which were just masking her pain.

After approximately 12 months of being under Brain Based Chiropractic Care, Lori hasn’t had a shot or any drugs in over 8 months. Her daughter Julie also started the program due to her lower back and hip pain. Her father and husband have also begun this care.

Now the entire family is healing naturally. Lori said, “The care is a gentle and less intrusive way to help my body feel and function better. When I follow the program on a regular basis, it helps me feel and function better. When I follow the program on a regular basis, it helps me more than any of my drugs did.

Jamie Buono

Diabetic No More

Jamie left her medical doctor with tears streaming down her cheeks. She has just been diagnosed with diabetes. She was told by her MD that she would be on medication for the rest of her life and nothing could be done.

She was told that since her father and her grandfather both had diabetes that is was genetic and nothing could be done. Upon sharing this information with Dr. Steele, she was asked if she would like to reverse it. She said of course but that it was not possible. Dr. Steele shared with her the TRUTH about her diabetes and started her on a plan to reverse her diabetes.

3 months later Jamie was no longer diabetic and she was taken off all her medication thanks to the life style changes she incorporated through the Brain Based Chiropractic.

Dale Franklin

Kidney Disease Healed

Dale started noticing some blood in his urine one day. It obviously concerned him. He immediately called his MD. Following some advanced testing he was diagnosed with stage 4 Kidney disease. He was told that he would need to start dialysis and a kidney transplant soon. It was at that time Dale did not accept this as his only option.

He decided to start the Brain Based Chiropractic Program and started noticed changes in his lab work within just a few months. Now, over 2 years later, Dale’s lab work is back to normal and has been given a clean bill of health.

Carol Libby

No More Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Increased Energy

Carol has been suffering from low back pain, sciatica, low energy, irritable bowel syndrome since she was a child and leg pain since she was a teenager.

Following three months of the Brain Based Chiropractic Program, Carol’s low back pain is gone, irritable bowel syndrome is gone and she has more energy!

Plus…she is off two medications that she had been on for years!!

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