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Many of you have been asking if I will be open during this time.

The answer is YES! Chiropractors are considered to be essential healthcare providers. This means that we are needed during this time of crisis to serve.

You may be asking, why would a chiropractor be needed to serve during a crisis that has to do with a virus? Hopefully you know by now but in case you do not, chiropractic actually has to do with the health of your nervous system. (Many people think chiropractic is only about neck and low back pain). The reason this is essential during this time is because your nervous system controls and coordinates EVERY system in your body INCLUDING your immune system. During any time of stress (especially times of high stress as we are in now) your nervous system does not function as it should to help keep you healthy. As many of you already know chiropractic adjustments actually have positive effects on the brain leading to lowered stress on the nervous system thus leading to improved immune function and health. CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS STRENGTHEN YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM! This is your BEST defense against not only Coronavirus, but any virus! We are currently sharing research to back this up along with other helpful resources through our social media channels, via email and also text so please make sure to read, watch, and listen to that information. More about that below.

It is for this reason I am choosing to stay open. With that said however, I will be taking precautions to keep not only you and your family safe but myself as well. The following are some guidelines:

1) My hours will stay the same however I will be practicing appointment distancing. This means I will be scheduling so that fewer people are in my office at any one time. For those of you not working right now who used to have to come in before or after work (my busiest times) I ask that you please allow me to schedule you at slower times.

2) Please try not to gather in the waiting room. Once an adjusting table opens up you will be directed to which table. As you know your visits here are quick. So if you walk in and see someone else waiting in the reception room please feel free to wait in the fresh air outside until someone leaves.

3) We are disinfecting after every patient. If you also feel the need, please feel free to grab a bottle of disinfecting spray next to the table and disinfect yourself as well.


4) We will be running our air purifiers at all times.

5) If you are feeling sick please notify me via phone/text and we will schedule a time for you to come in when no other patients are here.

6) If you are 65 and older and/or have a compromised immune system please contact me via phone/text to schedule your adjustment when no other patients are here.

7) If you feel you cannot come in or choose not to come in for your adjustment please contact me as we have developed a home based program to help keep you healthy and increase your immune system strength that we are close to being able to deliver online, and set up weekly phone appointments to help you during this time.

YOUR BEST DEFENSE IS A HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM. With that said I am asking that you please do the following to stay up to date with information I am sharing to help you. I am providing content with things you can do at home to help you stay as healthy as possible. This includes a video series called Defending Yourself Naturally. I am also sharing interviews with leading immunologists and other experts in regards to immune system health. To make sure you do not miss out if you are not already in our system, please do the following:

1) Opt in for our text messages……..text DRSIMPSON to 80123

2) Opt in for our regular emails by contacting us at simpsonchiropracticcenter@gmail to be added.

3) Follow us on our Facebook page, Simpson Chiropractic Center.

4) As always, thank you for trusting me with your health. It’s an honor to help ensure you and your family stay healthy during this crisis.


Dr. Tony Simpson