Neuro Dynamic HRV

The Most Dynamic, Trustworthy And Affordable HRV Unit On The Market Today.


The Most Dynamic, Trustworthy And Affordable HRV Unit On The Market Today. Have you given up in trying to “convince” patients that chiropractic is about the brain and nervous system?

Sick of using old “testing” tools that don’t give you the real story regarding nervous system function ?

Are the tools you are using having you feeling frustrated because of their inconsistency?

If so then we have got the answer:. Introducing the Neuro Dynamic medical grade HRV instrument. Using a simple finger device, in a 10 minute window, you can measure not only HRV but respiration rate, heart rate, temperature, and skin conductance all during 3 different stressors and during the following recovery periods. The results then include very low frequency results (most other HRV units miss this very important measurement) low frequency and high frequency measurements, giving you a very clear picture of the health of the limbic brain and the ability to balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

Benefits Include

In addition to measuring HRV the unit also allows the user to use biofeedback using a phone app to help improve care outcomes. This is also an added increase in per visit fees should you want to charge for it.

Package Include

This unit comes in various packages based on the type of practice you have/want and based on your budget. Packages start at just $125 a month and can include:


Please use the button below to set up a time to discuss more in detail your goals and budget so we find a package that is a good fit for you and your practice.

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