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Dr. Melissa utilizes a very unique form of healing called The Zone Technique.
A full body healing system which  aligns the spine to allow for proper
nerve flow and also stimulates the spinal cord in specific
areas in order to balance the brain centers. This helps the
brain to properly communicate with the cells of the body
so that the body can be balanced. Dr. Thurman Fleet was
a phenomenal healer who created this healing system
called Zone Therapy in 1931.
Dr. Melissa Arnold began studying with one of Dr.
Fleet’s protege's Dr. Peter Goldman in 1995. After many
years of study of multiple healing and metaphysical
philosophies, Dr. Pete created the Zone Technique,
which is now an international online school. Dr. Melissa
is Advanced Certified in Zone Technique and travels,
assists and promotes the Hands On Training Programs
with Dr. Peter Goldman.
Dr. Melissa's clients include many professional athletes in
the NBA, NFL, MBL as well as many TriAthletes, Cyclists,
Stunt Professionals in the Film Industry and a few Actors
over the years. She has multiple clients who drive over 2
hrs to see her from all over Georgia, and routinely helps
people to heal after they have tried many other things with
little or no success.
Dr. Melissa is the founder of Total Wellness Solutions in
Sandy Springs, GA,
"Your One Stop for All Things Wellness"

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