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Dr. Marcus Dunn became a chiropractor after experiencing the incredible difference chiropractic made in his life. Growing up, he was stricken with health challenge after health challenge. One morning in college, he woke up with a neck that couldn’t move, which led to his first chiropractic visit. Fortunately, that first visit for a stiff neck led to getting care that resolved years of allergies, IBS and the many health challenges. After reading books by Dr. D.D. Palmer and Dr. B.J. Palmer and learning what chiropractic was truly about, he knew chiropractic was going to be the perfect career for him.

Years later, and it’s still the right choice. Dr. Dunn has only become more passionate about what chiropractic can do for people. He’s proud to have served numerous people in the Cotswold community and surrounding areas.

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