Pain to Brain Chiropractic Workshop, Atlanta, GA

Date & Time
March 4-5 2023

Join us and learn about the brain based protocol that is exploding practices and saving more lives and become certified as a Brain Based Chiropractor!

Certified Brain Based Chiropractors See The Following:
( This is The AVERAGE of what we see with docs who follow our program ):

300% Increase In Retention
200% Increase In Case Average
200% Increase In Referral Rates
60% Increase In Acceptance Rates


In This Live 12-Hour Workshop You Will Learn:

-The science behind stress, the brain, and chiropractic

-How to shift the paradigm from pain to brain by using stories, metaphors and socratic questions

-How to perform 3 types of 10-12 minute brain based assessments ( both with and without instrumentation )

-How to give a brain based ROF

-How to put together and present a financial package that will get accepted

-How to develop brain based systems that lead to an average of 2 referrals for every new patient

-How to use systems that lead to at least 300% increase in retention

-How to improve patient outcomes on any disease even cancer, diabetes, alz dz, and more

– In addition be present for a real time patient ( local resident brought in by one of our local docs) hx/consult, assessment, ROF and care plan.

We will also cover:

1) Attract more new patients. Including new patients that want more than just neck and low back pain relief.

2) Perform a Day 1 that will change the perception that chiropractic is just about short term relief care.

3) Conduct a proper examination to PROVE to the patient they need more than just short-term relief care.

4) Reactivate those hundreds or even thousands of old patient files sitting in your storage room/unit.

5) Give a ROF that leads to a 90% acceptance rate for all patients (cash or insurance)

6) Develop referral systems that work leading to an average of 1-2 new referrals for every new patient.

All doctors who finish the course will receive a certificate of completion ready to be framed PLUS a door/window Certified Brain Based Chiropractic Window/Door sticker PLUS they will be added to our database of brain based chiropractors where we send hundreds of potential patients each month looking for brain based chiropractors!