Ear Infections…A Safer And More Effective Alternative To Antibiotics

“Researchers have discovered a strain of bacteria resistant to all approved drugs used to fight ear infections in children, according to an article published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).”

35% of all pediatrician visits are because of an ear infection. It is the number one reason parents take their child to a pediatrician. Most pediatricians will prescribe an antibiotic but is that really the best option?

There is a better, safer and more effective alternative and it’s called TRUCHIROPRACTIC!

One 1996 study published in JMPT, showed that 93 percent of children who got chiropractic adjustments for their ear infections showed improvement. More than 75 percent showed improvement in less than 10 days and 43 percent showed improvement after just one or two visits.These results are actually better than the standard medical treatment for ear infections.

Why is chiropractic so effective in helping children with ear infections?

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