DOOMscrolling! The Brain Damaging Effects And How To Reverse Them.

Doomscrolling is “the act of scrolling through your phone or computer for content that causes physical and mental distress and it’s becoming more and more common these days. It’s so widespread now that the word doomscrolling has been recognized by Merriam-Webster and
I’m sure you have found yourself sucked into that rabbit hole of scrolling especially in light of recent events.
Doomscrolling actually “causes changes in your brain that drive anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive behavior, and addictions.”
Constantly seeing and reading negative and frightening images/information activates the fear circuits in your brain 🧠 (amygdala), which leads to a constant state of feeling anxious and afraid.
“Neuroscience shows us that the human brain is wired for negativity and pays extra attention to anything that might harm us.”
This is why many people find themselves incessantly scrolling through all the fear inducing news and information that is flooding the Internet since Covid hit.
“In a survey from the American Psychological Association, 56% of people said that regularly following the news causes stress.”
And that’s just following the news and doesn’t even compare to the excessive doomscrolling many are partaking in.
“Over time, elevated stress hormones shrink the major memory centers in your brain, increase inflammation leading to numerous health issues including high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, memory issues, ADD, diabetes, depression, anxiety and more .”
The good news is this can all be reversed. Lifestyle changes, including regular chiropractic adjustments, have been shown in research to help the brain function better so your body can function like it should helping you live a better life.
This week our focus is going to be on how doomscrolling affects your health and relationships but more importantly share some tips on how to help you stop doomscrolling and reverse the negative effects.