Custom Practice Apparel

Order your team apparel today and continue to build value in the TRUTH of chiropractic


Clothing That Shifts The Paradigm And Makes a statement.

Having a hard time getting into a discussion about chiropractic and the brain?
Are patients still not getting it?

If so then you need your team wearing the Pain To Brain apparel. Imagine one day a week, instead of dress down day, you have a BRAIN Based Dress Up Day where everyone on your team wore Brain Based apparel. What would go through your patients minds? Would they ask questions? Would it lead to more conversations about chiropractic being about the brain? Of Course it would and YES, that is exactly what we are hearing from docs using our apparel. We even have the option for you to print your practice name, logo, and contact on the back of each shirt to sell or use as patient giveaways so they can share your message in your community. Doctors and teams love the paradigm shift it creates and patients love the designs.

Why should you host a weekly brain based dress up day?

In addition to measuring HRV the unit also allows the user to use biofeedback using a phone app to help improve care outcomes. This is also an added increase in per visit fees should you want to charge for it.
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