Nov 19
This one thing will greatly reduce your risk of not getting the flu this season. Hint, it’s not the flu shot!

Work Smarter, not Harder, this Flu Season   It’s that time of year, ladies and…

Oct 31
You Are Most Likely Eating This Proven Cancer Causing Ingredient Daily.

    Glyphosate is an endocrine disruptor and is proven to cause the growth…

Oct 24
Commonly Prescribed Medication Increases Dementia Risk By 50%

A recent study published in JAMA Internal Medicine has proven what chiropractors have…

Oct 21
No More Vision Issues, Migraines or Sinus Infections Thanks To Chiropractic!

Watch as Jason Barnes shares his story of going from “chiropractors are…

Oct 07
Chiropractic Restores His Hearing!

Think chiropractic is just about neck and low back pain? Think Again! Dr. Tim McFadden…

Aug 01
Too Much Screen Causing Developmental Delay In Children

Are you limiting your child’s screen time? If not you may want to read this.

Jul 18
Lack Of Sleep And The Many Health Issues It Can Cause

It is so important that your body gets enough rest. In other words …SLEEP!…