Automated patient retention program

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How Will This Program Benefit Your Practice?

Have you ever said to yourself “ why don’t my patients get it”? “Why do they all leave once their symptoms are gone?” “What am I doing wrong?” We have all been there. The truth is, you are competing with a medical system and big pharma as soon as they leave the office, totally negating everything you are trying to get them to understand. The answer…you need to get into their heads just as much if not more than big pharma and the medical industry. You do that by using touching points consistently throughout the week, using multiple platforms and using multiple learning styles. It is really as simple as that. Yes, you could do it yourself but instead of learning how, just hire a who. Someone who already knows how to do it, someone who has the experience , someone who has tried and proven results and someone who does it at a fraction of the cost you could do it.

How Will This Program Benefit Your Practice?

Here is what is included

We choose a topic for the week (we alternate between specific conditions, not neck or low back pain, and the 3 T’s) and back it with research and bring it back to the importance of regular brain based chiropractic adjustments. Everything looks like it comes from you including your name, address, logo, etc.


If you are really going to change the paradigm from pain to brain and build a lifetime wellness brain based practice, you need this program. It is essential to stay top of mind and continually educate your following on the TRUTH!